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Since 1988, table tennis is operated as an Olympic sport since there are more and more table tennis bets in the betting scene. The balance sheet is as clear as impressive. Of a total of 24 possible gold medals landed only 21 at the necks of Chinese athletes. As the table tennis was still in its infancy and the Olympic sports betting this sport more consideration on the edge, it was the Swedes and South Koreans, who could offer the Chinese still stand up.

Since 1996, however, almost every gold medal went to China. Only the South Korean Ryun Sung-min succeeded in breaking into the phalanx of the Chinese in 2004. Also at the 2012 Summer Games in London, the athletes from the Far East will go back as high as a house favorite in the race. Who placed the team competition in table tennis bets on China, can expect a rate of up to 11:10.

Interestingly, it is the individual, where only one of the Chinese elite can secure the gold medal. Since the first four in the world rankings are all from China, the prognosis for the winner will not be easy. The bookmakers such as Bet-at-home or the Scandinavian provider Bets son very low rates in the table tennis betting on the Chinese will pay out a victory nonetheless.

The tradition at the World Championships is a bit older than Olympia, where Olympic betting is usually more worthwhile. Since 1926, the World Games will be played in table tennis. First, the Ping Pong game was dominated. Mainly Hungarian and Czech athletes won medals at the world championships well into the '50s. But then began the relentless campaign of Asians.

First, the Japanese took the lead yet, but the latest from the World Cup 1961 held in Beijing, the Chinese are the undisputed number 1 in the world of table tennis. Who would win a world title, had to defeat the Chinese players from date.

The strength of the Chinese people but this did not detract from German victory. At the recent World Team Championships in 2012, also in Dortmund, the Chinese won without a single loss of the gold medal game. China won eight games in a row each with 3-0. A set win against the ball artists from the Middle Kingdom is to be regarded as a success already.